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2017-2018 Student Activities Executive Council

2016 sac exec



Aloysius Robinson



Classification: Junior
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact:I think about everything pertaining to my life at least five times a day in order to speak it into existence. 
Favorite Event: Street sign making event
Why Join SAC: Join SAC because it is free to join and accepting to all. 

Karrissa Ash


Assistant Director

Classification: Junior
Major: Early Childhood Education
Fun Fact: My favorite Pixar movie is Happy Feet
Favorite Event: Custom street signs and Cougarthon
Why join SAC? Sac was one of the best things to influence me at CSU and I hope to do the same for others while helping the organization grow.

Cierra Brown


Public Relations Chair

Classification: Junior
Major: Communications
Fun Fact:I love all genres of music! Ask me about any song and I can sing it for you word for word.
Favorite Event: My favorite SAC event is the Comedy Show- we always have great comedians!
Why join SAC? I joined SAC for the opportunity to become more involved on campus and to meet new people.

Taylor Ann Yaughn 


Special Events Co-Chair

Classification: Junior
Major: Communication
Fun Fact: I am the first student from CSU to receive the Georgia Association of Broadcasters Scholarship
Favorite Event: The comedy show is my favorite event because it is a great way to take a break from homework and have fun for a night!
Why join SAC?I joined because I want to develop better leadership skills and learn to work as part of a team. 

Christiana Emory


Special Events Co-Chair

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Fun fact:I am from Carrollton, GA
Favorite Event: The  hypnotist show!
Why join SAC? I joined SAC to help organize events and get more involved, it's a lot of fun. 

Kenyatta Gouch


Speakers and Comedians Chair

Classification: Junior
Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: My favorite Color is Pink!
Favorite Event: My favorite events are the tumbler cup event and talent show
Why join SAC? SAC is a great way to bond and meet new people. It is an easy way to get volunteer hours and it is one of the best organizations at CSU!



Gerard McCabe

banks    Cinema Chair

    Classification: Sophomore
    Major: Accounting
    Fun Fact: I travel for competitive paintball
    Favorite Event: SAC street sign making event
    Why join SAC? I joined SAC because I enjoy helping others and making events possible on campus. 







Angel'eya Wilson


   Social Media Chair

    Major: Early Childhood Education
    Fun Fact: I am from Savannah, GA and enjoy being outdoors including nature trails and hiking. 
    Favorite Event: My favorite event is Winterfest because its such a big event with great weather. 
    Why join SAC? SAC was the first organization I joined after transferring to CSU, and it opened many doors and friendships. I am    excited to give back to others in the same way!








Cylina Velazquez


Graduate Assistant

Classification: Graduate Student
Major: Organizational Leadership
Favorite Event: Any of the homecoming events- I love feeling the CSU pride and friendly organization competition.
Why Join SAC? SAC is a great way to get involved on campus, build leadership skills, and have fun! Why NOT join SAC?!?

Melissa Dempsey



Why join SAC? SAC is an amazing group of dedicated students who plan, promote and execute diverse campus events. Come participate, share your ideas and be a voice in what happens on campus!